The perfect accessory for transporting bikes in your car. Simply place the bike onto the veloboy bike rack and roll it into the car – simple.

veloboy helps you load bikes into your car, meaning no lifting over your head, no bending down into the car. Simply position the bikes onto the rack and roll them into the car.
The veloboy is available for 2 and 3 bikes.
veloboy is lightweight and easy to use.
veloboy, the ideal bike rack for the safe transport of bikes inside your car.



Using the veloboy, your bikes can be comfortably loaded into your car without straining your back.
Lower fuel consumption is also easy on your wallet.
Optimal space-saving positioning of the bikes thanks to the adjustable fork support.
No mounting work necessary inside the car, the veloboy can be used in any make of car.
The bikes are better protected from theft.
The veloboy can also be used as a mobile maintenance station.
Reduce the height of the bikes by tightening the suspension fork.